J.V. Protocol

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The J.V. protocol consists of information so that you know my services, understand your problem and see what you must do to recover from the herniated disc and/or other possible issues I have described above. You will find this information on this website, at kayrosprogram.com and on my website (quiro.us). In addition, I am at the entire disposal of my patients to guide them from the beginning in case they have questions or doubts. When you become my patient, you can access the “patients” section of the kayros program website, where you will be able to consult more detailed informative videos.

Understanding that a herniated disc is a chronic health problem is essential. You will always have to live with it and manage it. You can deal with it through my services, and through your own adherence to the program and cooperation. This is usually all necessary, and the protocol explains how to do it.

The guidelines that the patient must follow when starting the treatment are straightforward: carry out the scheduled sessions, avoid activities that could be harmful and contact me if you feel unwell or worse than usual so that I can understand what could have happened, advise the patient and may he follow my advice.

If these guidelines are not followed, situations may arise that will reduce the normal course of treatment and must be addressed; otherwise, “setbacks” will end up occurring that will not be understood and cause frustration for the patient, possibly blaming themselves. or my services.