Frequently Asked Questions

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Who runs the clinic for herniated discs and other spinal problems?

Joaquín Valdivia Tor, Doctor of Chiropractic since 2004 (USA) and registered physiotherapist 8273 in Catalonia, Spain, with a private practice in Girona since 2005 (


If I purchase the services and have questions or doubts, will I receive replies regarding my issue?

Joaquín Valdivia (J.V.) is available for consults and responses anytime, and offers the required support during the treatment. It is part of his personalized services, intended to inform the patient and clarify doubts and situations that may arise and affect him.

J.V. reserves the right to limit patient communications if they go too far.


Why have I tried various treatments and am not yet recovered from my herniated disc (or other spinal problems)?

Because they have not corrected the electromagnetic component of the herniated disc (or other spinal problems).


How do I know if I have the electromagnetic component of the herniated disc?

Through an imaging test, such as magnetic resonance and if you have visited several specialists without obtaining results.


What is the electromagnetic treatment of herniated discs with J. Valdivia?

It consists of applying a very soft device in the neck or hip area, which corrects the electromagnetic component of the herniated disc.


How long does the electromagnetic treatment of herniated discs with J. Valdivia last?

The optimal duration of treatment with J. Valdivia is lifelong. Problems such as a herniated disc will always be present and must be taken care of so that they do not worsen, improve and stabilize in the long term (known as chronic health problems). This is especially important because, , all of us carry out activities, postures and movements that negatively affect the spine, on a daily basis, although we often do not realize it. Even so, some patients perform the treatment temporarily on their own free will, and may get some results or not. But it’s something that we recommend.


What should be done during the treatment?

The J.V. protocol explains what the patient should do during treatment. In summary, the patient must carry out the scheduled sessions, avoid harmful activities, and contact J.V. if you feel bad or worse than normal. This information is provided to the interested patient when starting treatment through this website and The protocol can be customized by J.V. depending on each patient.


How many sessions should be carried out during the treatment?

This depends on each patient, but normally about 10-15 sessions are carried out in the first 2 months, progress is assessed, and the following sessions are scheduled. After a few months of starting treatment, 1 monthly session is usually performed as maintenance. If the patient is unwell before, he may require an extra session.


If I don’t have a herniated disc, but I do have a protrusion and disc disease, can the treatment work for me?

Yes, although the main name of this website is “Herniated Disc Clinic”, the treatment can also help patients with or without herniated discs who have other similar spinal problems mentioned on this website. This is decided by J. Valdivia, who only accepts patients whom he believes he can help with his treatment.


I had back surgery; will the treatment help me?

Yes, surely. A percentage of patients who visit J.V. has already been operated on. After the operation, some patients feel better or the same, or even worse. This is real. Now, we must try to improve those results.


With the treatment, will my herniated disc disappear, and will I be able to do whatever I want again?

No, feeling better does not mean that the herniated disc (or other spinal problem) disappears completely and permanently and that you will feel like normal and ready to go about your life like nothing ever happened. Problems such as a herniated disc do not usually disappear since they result from a degenerative process that will always be there. The objective of the treatment is to reduce the symptoms and stabilize the problem so that you can live a life as good as possible, being careful doing day-to-day activities depending on your case. Some patients can do many activities again that they want and others must do them with some limitations.


Can I perform other treatments, aside from this one?

Usually, yes, if necessary. It is better to consult with J.V. Treatment with J.V. addresses problems described on this website with the electromagnetic component present. Patients may suffer from these same problems and require other treatments. Treatment with J.V. it does not replace other therapies that may be necessary for the patient, such as medical treatments or medication. On the contrary, sometimes, the treatment will only serve as an adjunct to the medical treatment required for the patient.


Is it just as practical to apply the káyros device as to carry out the face-to-face session with J. Valdivia?

Yes, as long as you follow J.V.’s protocol and advice.


I don’t know whether to go ahead with J. Valdivia’s treatment.

If you are unsure about starting treatment with J. Valdivia, it is better not to go ahead, and potentially consider other options.


What are the fees of treatment and consultation with J. Valdivia?

J.V. offers a free guidance consultation via email ( The patient is free to send an email explaining his/her health and how he/she is feeling (a maximum of 1000 words is recommended), and J.V. will answer you briefly, explaining if he can help you or not.

The next step will be to schedule a visit of approximately 1 hour, by phone or videoconference, so that J.V. learns more about the patient and decides to accept the patient for treatment. This visit has a cost of €50.

Online services with J.V. include personalized advice from J. Valdivia for the patient, when necessary (which can last for months and/or years through messages or calls), detailed information on the protocol and the káyros device and its accessories.

The cost of the treatment will be informed to each patient individually via email. Available services include device rental, acquisition and/or in-person visits.


If I’m not satisfied, will I get my money back?

No, no returns are made in any case, or for any reason.

As a patient, you should know that there is a small possibility that you will not be satisfied with the services of J. Valdivia. And if this happens, you must accept it and resign yourself. This occurs in different percentages with all health services, which cannot guarantee their results to all patients.

In any case, the information offered by J.V. shows what expectations the patient can have before starting the treatment and thus doesn’t encounter surprises. J.V. only offers his services to those patients who can obtain a high percentage of satisfaction, according to his criteria and experience. Although he can be wrong, he ensures, the best possible, this does not happen.

If the patient has doubts before acquiring the services, it’s best to visit him in his office in Girona to make the necessary sessions and, depending on the results, take the step or not to acquire the complete services.

Can treatment cause me pain or make my problem worse?

The treatment offered by J.V. through the káyros device is harmless. It consists of a mechanical impulse without pressure or blows, vibration, electric currents, lasers, heat or cold, etc. As a demonstration, the device can even be applied to sensitive areas of the body without causing discomfort since it only generates the necessary mechanical impulse through a button releasing the device’s mechanism. The device also contains a magnet. If, for some reason, the patient cannot have magnets close to the body (their use is sometimes discouraged in patients with pacemakers), the patient must decide whether to proceed. In any case, today, we live with many magnets daily (keys, mobiles, etc.), and they do not pose a documented health risk.

It is important that the patient knows how to distinguish between causation and coincidence to avoid frustration, anger and misunderstandings. Due to its nature, side effects with this type of therapy are highly unlikely and should not be confused with normal, regular and/or new ailments caused by the patient’s own symptomology.

It is also not recommended to stop using the device if the patient feels unwell due to the problem we are treating. In case of doubt, please contact J.V. The device is there to help patients, and it should not be feared or distrusted, something that can happen if the information we offer is not understood.


We want to use the services of J.V. for 3 family members. Is it possible to make a price for all 3?

Yes, there are purchase options for several family members. Please get in touch with J. Valdivia directly for your custom offer.


I want to buy and use the device on my own, can I?

J.V. does not sell devices to patients at their own use. J.V. offers his services with the necessary advice for them to work correctly. Using the device without advice is of no use. This has already been proven through many years of experience. Also, using the device without custom accessories for each patient will not render the desired results.


My specialist has recommended not doing the treatment with J.V.

It is not strange that this happens. In that case, your specialist should offer solutions to your problems if he/she can.


Are the treatment and device endorsed by anybody or any profession?

No, J.V.’s treatment and the device are backed by their results. We don’t expect anyone to endorse us or recognize our long career path other than our patients.