If you are here, you probably know someone who suffers from a herniated disc (and/or other spine problems). You probably still feel bad after listening to opinions, and advice and having performed treatments of all kinds with the “best” specialists. But the facts are that you still feel bad, and there is a reason for it: you have not been treated for the electromagnetic component of the herniated disc.

Contact me if your priority is to recover and if what you read on my website resonates with you.

Contact me if you understand your problem, trust my work and have a vision of the future of feeling well to continue with your life.

Contact me if you follow my short- and long-term recommendations.

Please feel free to reach out by writing an email ( explaining your current problem, and I’ll be more than happy to get back in touch. From there, we will have an online visit, and if you are interested, you could start treatment within 1-2 weeks.

All the best,

Joaquin Valdivia Tor.

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