About Joaquín Valdivia

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Due to several falls, accidents and injuries during my youth, at 18-20, I had already gone through the journey. The journey consisted in visiting several specialists without results or listening to various opinions,                and useless or even contradictory theories; until I visited a chiropractor in Barcelona with whom I experienced certain improvements. That experience motivated me to study chiropractic in the US, where the profession had been born some 100 years before.

In the USA, apart from being a patient, I also made a journey as a student studying different chiropractic techniques to help myself and my future patients. Techniques that interested me because of their logic and results.

The journey was long, expensive and only sometimes fruitful. I soaked up the chiropractic literature, attended lectures, and visited famous chiropractic clinics to see how they worked on-site. When I finished, I left the US to return to my city, Girona.

In the spring of 2005, I opened my practice in Girona and started working as a chiropractor. During the first 10-12 years, I did what the book taught me. But, over time, I saw that a percentage of patients did not respond as they should with the treatment applied short or long-term. So, I began to exercise critical thinking.

The following years were of intense concern to determine how to improve that percentage, observing, testing, and modifying slight changes that would produce different results. I published my findings in books and articles. In 2022, I finished my research describing what many of my patients, and I suffered from the electromagnetic component of the spine misalignment and the nervous system, seen in health problems such as a herniated disc.

The results, which each year of my investigations were increasing, then reached a percentage of around 90%, and only patients who had waited too long to be treated or whose problem had reached an irreversible state for various reasons could no longer benefit from treatment.

In my opinion, this percentage of 90% is unbeatable. It can benefit many patients, especially with a herniated disc, including patients who have already gone through the journey, that is, who have gone through all kinds of treatments and specialists without results.

I believe that it is my duty and obligation to publicize my method so that those who need it decide to do so and can benefit from it.

Publications by Joaquín Valdivia

My publications serve various purposes: documenting my findings, informing patients and doctors about chiropractic, or teaching chiropractic history, especially to the Spanish-speaking world. I am possibly the most prolific chiropractic author in the Spanish language worldwide. I serve my readers, patients, colleagues and acquaintances for the benefit and expansion of my beloved profession.

I would like to be able to offer more publications about my work. Still, it is not easy since researching and publishing require a large investment, a human team, facilities, equipment, time, etc., that I have yet to be available to me. But I would volunteer myself to any team that is dedicated to similar activities, to participate in any project they deem appropriate, whether private or public and thus, at least, being public, to be able to use State resources for something productive and practical for the benefit of our society.

Although such studies might provide more certainty about my method, practically speaking, the difference would be minimal. My experience has taught me that this type of publication doesn’t change the opinion of other specialists or arouse particular interest, for example, so that they can refer to their patients who do not respond to a superior method.

Until now, the development of my protocol has been based on clinical observation within my own practice, which seems to contribute much more than relying on a “laboratory model” that does not approach the real world, as is often the case with published studies.

Anyway, I hope my methods will be “proven” on some competent scientific journal’s front page 😊.

these are some of my publications

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